Seeing Opportunities Others Do Not.

At the heart of our philosophy is the unconventional belief in the ability of pure empirical research and technology to create an edge that delivers exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

As our unique value to investors, this very conviction defines us.

We are able to deliver such an investment edge through quantitative analysis, research and technology. The rigorously tested TAHO Investment System exploits market inefficiencies across a diversity of instruments, sectors and economies.

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Notably, the purely quantitative nature of these investment decisions renders them free from emotional influence.

Pure empirical research and advanced technology combine to create new, undiscovered investment advantages.

By employing a team of scientists and software engineers with a wealth of experience, we are able to develop algorithms that perceive elicit but predictable movements, not merely within market prices, but also in the human behaviour that moves them – and even in the evolving nature of the financial markets themselves.

Ultimately, this philosophy drives our unwavering commitment to achieve the best risk-adjusted, absolute investment returns for our investors.