About Us

Committed to Research. Committed to Investors.

TAHO Capital Management is a research-based alternative investment manager founded on
the belief that markets are inherently inefficient.

In relentless pursuit of alpha, we utilize the proprietary TAHO Investment System to exploit these inefficiencies across multiple markets and in varying market conditions to achieve unparalleled risk-adjusted returns.

Leveraging strengths in advanced computing, our unique ability to 'ultra-diversify' offers an exceptional risk-adjusted return capability.

Operating from Toronto and mastered in the Cayman Islands, we employ a committed team of researchers, scientists and software engineers whose collective purpose is to continuously enhance long-term edge in the market.

Even within the hedge fund universe, we are a highly uncorrelated outlier. Our 'ultra-diversification' capability, proprietary algorithms, and advanced computing technology provide a risk-adjusted return that is simply beyond the reach of other hedge funds who must limit themselves to particular markets.

Our sole mission is the management of TAHO investment funds; this sets us apart from multi-purpose investment firms who operate hedge funds as a portion of their asset management portfolio. With TAHO leadership having committed significant amounts of personal capital to the fund, the interests of our management and investors are closely aligned.

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Our performance has drawn the attention of, and qualified us to partner with, such esteemed firms as KPMG, SS&C GlobeOp, Interactive Brokers, Seward & Kissel LLP, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Maples and Calder LLP, Valiant Trust Company and ARA Compliance.

These partnerships only strengthen our commitment to provide our investors with industry-leading levels of performance, execution, transparency, and reporting – a commitment we hold with the utmost sincerity.